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Wildwood Grove in Dollywood 2019

Picture compliments of Dollywood

Hi, I’m Ammon, and my family loves to go to Dollywood. We love the food, the entertainment, but most importantly, the rides. We’ve been hearing about a new section in Dollywood called “Wildwood Grove.” When the workers cut down the trees, we didn’t know what it was at first. We started doing some research, and only found a few things. One of them said it would be snow themed, but that was our only option for a while. Later on, we found a video about what it would be about, and it was confirmed by Dolly. It was going to be “Wildwood Grove!” They have many new rides they’re planning on building, but there are some that catches our eyes. We think the Sycamore Swing and Dragonflier will be two amazing rides! If you’re at Dollywood in 2019, I’d definitely recommend going to Wildwood Grove!

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